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A BCH Innovation Testnet

NextChain is a testnet for BCH innovation. It is for experimentation with novel features that are or could become candidates for inclusion into Bitcoin Cash.


Candidate Features

Features on this testnet exist in various states of maturity. Although we encourage readers to read about all the ideas in NextChain, and contribute to their development, the following features are the best current candidates for BCH adoption, based on their maturity and BCH culture:

Feature Overview

This testnet currently implements the following features:

Forthcoming features

Technology Overview

BigNum, Buffers, NextPOW, Groups, Templates

Script Opcodes

Attribute Opcodes

Example Applications



Topics in this section are conceptual only at this point.

Transaction Aggregates

Introspection and checkdatasig as a generalized sigHash Replacement


  • A full node is located at:
  • A seeder will soon be up at:
  • P2P network
    The default port for the P2P layer is 7228
    The message start is 0x72, 0x27, 0x12, 0x21
  • RPC access
    The default port for RPC access is 7227
  • Electrum
    The default electrum protocol port is 7229
  • BCHD
    The default gRRP port is 7226


Look to to browse the blockchain.


  • Full Node: Bitcoin Unlimited
  • Miner: The Bitcoin Unlimited full node’s “bitcoin-miner” program has been modified to support this chain.

Engineering Topics